Mannol Puncture Repair Spray


MANNOL Reifen Doctor is designed to repair punctures of all tire types without dismantling. It removes reliably and quickly air leaks in pierced tires with a diameter of up to 5 mm by creating a durable vulcanised film. This product does not affect the wheel balance, remains active in the wheel for a long time and prevents repeated air leaks.

Remove the cause of the puncture (e.g. nails, screws) if possible, turn the wheel with the leakage downwards and fully release the air from the wheel. Shake the can well. Pre-heat the can (vehicle heater system, in your hands) in cold conditions. Connect the hose to the valve. Hold the can as vertical as possible and spray the complete content into the tire. Drive at a speed of 10-15 km/h right away so that the agent may spread optimally within the tire. Drive at an average speed of up to 70 km/h afterwards. Check the air pressure regularly. Contact a repair shop to have the tire mended professionally.

Not suitable for use with direct TPMS systems.