Mannol Motor Flush


MANNOL Motor Flush 10 min. is a special cleaner that removes sediment, soiling, mud and wear products from engine details. It cleans the oil system and oil pump filter nets. It ensures a reliable lubrication of the engine separate parts during the cleaning process, thus reducing wear. With the help of the special detergent-dispersant addition, it guarantees a highly effective and safe removal of combustion residues. This product is mixable with any synthetic and mineral oil and is suitable for cleaning in any petrol and diesel engine with or without a catalyst and with or without a turbocharger.

Fill the additive into the engine oil tank with the old engine oil under operating temperature. Let the engine run for 10 minutes in the idle mode, afterwards drain the old engine oil and change the oil filter. Fill the engine with new engine oil. The contents of the packaging is sufficient for washing an engine oil system with a volume up to 6 L. Not suitable for motorcycles with wet clutch systems.