Mannol Epoxy-Plastic Glue – 2 Components


MANNOL Epoxy-Plastic is a two-component adhesive that is designed for a quick and extremely strong bonding of all types of plastic separate parts: bumpers, headlights, spoilers etc. The mixture hardens in 5 minutes at room temperature. Within 30 minutes the sealant structures to 80 {1fe73f9177eb0c07b0a073463288d0abb004975be117b790c23036f6de2aaac2}. Final curing occurs within 2-3 hours. The adhesive is resistant to mechanical influences. Thanks to its transparent matt texture this product is suitable for cosmetic repairs as well as for filling cracks, cavities and wrongly drilled holes etc.

Squeeze the required amount of the two components from the tube and mix them. Then apply on the dry as well as fat-free surfaces to be glued together and press tight. Store tightly closed in the original container in dry conditions from +5 °C up to +25 °C.