Mannol Epoxy Metal-Glue – 2 Components


MANNOL Epoxy-Metal is designed for quick and reliable bonding of steel, aluminum, brass, copper, iron, tin, lead and various alloys. It hardens within 4 minutes. Final curing occurs within 2-3 hours, the connection gains high mechanical shear strength (3-5 N/mm2) and can withstand temperatures of up to 150 °C. It is suitable for filling cracks and cavities, drilled holes, for repairing damaged screw threads and can also be used as a filler for flat surfaces. This product also bonds ceramics, concrete, wood and their compounds.

The surfaces have to be clean and grease-free to achieve the best adhesion results. Squeeze the required amounts of the two components out of the tube and mix them. Then apply to the dry, oil-free surfaces to be glued together and squeeze tightly to each other with maximum force.