Mannol Car Wash&Wax


MANNOL Auto Wash & Wax ASW is a concentrated cleaner for washing vehicles. It has the properties of high-quality shampoos and car polish. The special mixture of active substances creates foam profusely and cleans your vehicle thoroughly. Thanks to the contained wax components it gives a brilliant shine to the varnish-and-paint coating after rinsing and protects the bodywork. The washing-active substances remove dust as well as oil-containing and fat-containing soiling. Dissolve the product in hot water and apply with a sponge. It does not leave any spots or traces of moisture and is easy to wash off.

Dissolve in hot water in the ratio 1:100 (100 ml to 10 l of water). Apply solution with the help of sponge on the automobile body surface. Leave for 5-10 minutes to soak up. Rub automobile body with quiet movements without pressure. Flush the surface thoroughly with pure water.