Mannol Anticor 1 Litre


MANNOL Anticor is a high-quality means of protection based on rubber and synthetic resin that preserves the outer parts of the chassis, the underbody, the wheel arches as well as the side members, at the same time extending their working life. It forms a durable layer that protects from crushed gravel and stone. It has an excellent resistance to moisture, salts, acids, alkalis and varying temperatures. Simultaneously, it forms a noise-resistant and anti-vibration layer. It is applicable to iron, lacquer, anti-corrosives and hard plastics. This product forms a durable, smooth, fast-drying and indelible coating. Colour: black.

The surfaces to be treated with Anticor are to be cleaned well beforehand. Rust is to be removed. The surfaces have to be dry, free of wax, dirt and grease as well as extensively free of dust. Anticor is best suited for use at room temperature. Apply several times in thin layers. The resistance to abrasion and corrosion increases with every coating layer. Therefore application should be repeated 1-2 times after a short flash-off time. Anticor should be applied crosswise.